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Sustainable without compromise.
Fairly made in Germany. 

The sustainable mobile phone


The highlights

Fairly made in Europe

Due to the environmentally friendly production in Germany, we have the production on our doorstep. This allows us to ensure fair treatment of people and the environment.

Packaging made from
grass paper

No trees have to be felled for our grass packaging and it can even be composted.

Easy to repair

Even the longest-lasting, most robust appliance can break down. That's why we've made sure that you can repair your rephone easily, cheaply and without a lot of electronic waste.

Beginning of a long friendship

The mobile phone you enjoy using for a long time is still the most environmentally friendly. That's why the rephone has been consistently designed for longevity.

From idea to production: sustainable

Sustainability is the basis of all our considerations. And we have planned and implemented this in production, transport, sales, repair and disposal.

Sustainability without technical compromise

With rephone, there is sustainability without compromise. Sustainability and technical features are not contradictory. And at a super price-performance ratio.

The rephone in the press


Rephone, un portable durable grâce au savoir-faire suisse


Zuger Firma lanciert nachhaltiges Handy,
Made in Germany


Zuger Firma lanciert nachhaltiges Smartphone

The rephone - a convincing answer!

After a board meeting of Zug-based Recommerce AG, Achim Tubbesing and Thomas Huth sat together over a glass of wine and discussed how to further improve the sustainability of the business model.

"Why isn't there actually a smartphone that has already been developed with a focus on sustainability, longevity and simple, low-cost repair and is manufactured under fair conditions in Europe?" This question stuck with them and so, in the following months, the rephone was developed as the consistent answer to this question.

Recommerce AG is a Swiss pioneer in the purchase, sale and repair of smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

Since it was founded in 2012, the Zug-based company and its 50 or so employees have already helped around half a million mobile devices to a second life. All this experience has gone into the development of the rephone to ensure longevity, sustainability and simple, cost-effective reparability. And all this at an extremely affordable price.

The rephone is produced in a fair manufacturing process "Made in Germany" and was launched in Switzerland at the beginning of March. It is available exclusively in the Recommerce AG online shop (

The rephone - sustainable without technical compromises

What makes the rephone so special are its inner values. It is sustainable down to the smallest detail. We have proven that sustainability and technical features are not contradictory. Why do without, when you can have both. And all that at a great price.

We are convinced that the circular economy (Reduce - Reuse - Repair - Recycle) is our future. We are already trying to live this today. The rephone is a product that stands out positively from today's standard and at the same time shows what the standard for a sustainable future must look like. It is not perfect yet, we openly admit that, but we have done the best we can so far and are constantly working to improve it further.


Locally thought and locally made. The idea and the concept were born in Switzerland and Germany and the rephone is manufactured in Germany. This is the only way we can control working conditions and production methods and ensure that our requirements for fairness and sustainability are met. - Quite different from when it is manufactured overseas.

We say goodbye to precarious situations for the environment and people - hello to sustainable.

But let's be honest: there can't (yet) be a rephone without suppliers from Asia.


Some parts are simply not manufactured in this country. The rephone is also a call to change this and shows how much can be done regionally! Transparency is a matter of course for us.

That is why we are very proud to be able to say that the rephone is different.

Innenleben rephone


Order the rephone now
at, of course

Your rephone is already waiting for you! Get your rephone now exclusively in the online shop of


Removable back

The back is made of 100% regional recycled material. The recycled material saves energy and costs.

Our case is particularly robust and wraps around the phone and camera like a protective shield. It just feels better. For your conscience and in your hand.

Rückseite rephone
Rückseite aus 100%Rezyklat
Abnembare Rückseite

Good cameras, good pictures -
ready for great moments

Kameras rephone
  • The high quality dual camera with 64 MP auto focus lets you look closer and also captures the big picture perfectly thanks to the 8 MP wide angle.

  • Videos look particularly impressive in Full HD. Slow motion and time lapse let you set the pace.

  • Portrait and night scene modes make it easy to take fantastic photos in all conditions.

  • Autofocus combined with clever AI technology and Google Lens help you focus on what's important.

  • Super selfies and crisp video calls are made possible by the 16 megapixel front camera.

Logo Google Lens

Convince yourself of the super photos that were taken with the rephone without filters:

Beispielbilder gemacht mit dem rephone
Beispielbilder gemacht mit dem rephone - Dach
Beispielbilder gemacht mit dem rephone - Baum
Beispielbilder gemacht mit dem rephone - Haus

The battery
Beginning of a long friendship

The most common reason for buying a new mobile phone is a defective or weak battery. The rephone has the solution to this problem: longevity through an exchangeable battery. The rephone exchangeable battery, with a whopping 4500 mAh, for up to 300 hours stand-by time, is particularly powerful and has a 50% longer life thanks to our innovative battery save technology.

But nothing is forever. That's why we recycle your old batteries professionally. This is how sustainability works.

The rephone is manufactured in Germany
with 100% green power.

Reduction of the CO2 balance through regionality

Local production in Germany saves energy and minimises transport distances. But that's not all, because manufacturing in Germany means that production can be completely monitored - unlike when it is produced overseas.


So we pay attention to every detail to ensure that it meets our vision. This ultimately makes the difference and ensures that the rephone is sustainable and fair.

ecovadis Ratig

Ecovadis Gold Rating

100% green power

Nachhaltige Produktion

Pure Android

The rephone loves Android so much that it lands in your hands without any additional software & apps (bloatware). You decide which apps you want on your rephone and which ones you don't.

We guarantee the update to Android 12 and three years of security updates via servers in Germany. This means that your security roadmap is already fixed until at least 2026.

Powerd by android Logo

The packaging box can go in the compost bin

Glasverpackung rephone

Yes, of course. With us, even the packaging is sustainable and environmentally friendly

Thanks to our grass packaging, no trees have to be felled. Our grass packaging saves 75% CO2 and 98% water compared to virgin paper.


After use, the packaging itself is recyclable and even compostable. Another point in favour of sustainability.


Warranty and Repair

We take our quality promise seriously.

Every rephone is thoroughly checked and scrutinised before it leaves us. If something does go wrong, the motto is: "repair first". The individual components of the rephone are screwed together and not glued, which makes repairs particularly easy.

Most manufacturers only give a one-year guarantee. We give a full 24 months on the rephone. And if you have a mishap, repairs are easy and inexpensive.


The inner values

The rephone is not only CO2-neutral and made in Germany, but also really powerful.

2.0 GHz octa-core processor

The powerful 2 GHz octa-core processor (Media Tek Helio G85) has more than enough power for performance-hungry apps and games. The 6 GB RAM ensures that nothing stutters even when multitasking.

128GB internal memory

128 GB of internal memory offer plenty of space for apps, files, photos and videos. Not enough? The rephone has a separate slot for a memory card (MicroSD) of up to 512 GB. Uncomplicated, flexible and affordable.

NFC and Bluetooth 5.0

NFC and Bluetooth 5.0 create wireless connections between the rephone and your environment. Listen to your favorite music via Bluetooth headphones or pay contact-free at the checkout in the supermarket, no problem.

Qi charging

The rephone can be easily charged wirelessly (Qi standard). However, we will still include a cable so that you have the choice. We don't include a power pack, because you probably still have some on hand. We don't want to produce unnecessary e-waste, quite the opposite.


Order the rephone now
Of course at

Your rephone is already waiting for you! Secure your rephone now exclusively in the online shop.

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